Live Streaming on Twitch

From Gaming to Game Development, catch all the excitement and chaos live on Twitch.

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NeuronNet Networking

Designed with Multiplayer and MORPG applications in mind, optimized for multi-threaded network messaging, and designed for expantability through Client and Server plugins.

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Time to Grow

With Success comes Growth. ChargedNeuron is proud to announce two new divisions of the ChargedNeuron brand; (CN) Entertainment and (CN) Engineering.


Mr. Doo-Dad is fully charged and ready to go!

Each round provides hundreds of randomly placed boxes across a virtual world that you and Mr. Doo-Dad can race against time to get the highest score you can! With three different box sizes, each packed with different kinds of goodies, can you beat your last score? Good Luck and Have Fun!

Live On Twitch

Gaming to Game Dev, visit me on Twitch.

Want to just hang out while watching some good gaming? Maybe you’d like to see some “behind-the-scenes” of some Game Development? Or maybe you just want to lurk in chat and watch the chaos unfold? Drop by ChargedNeuron’s live stream on Twitch! I can’t wait to see you there.

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