Charged up and ready to have fun!

Join Mr. Doo-Dad as you race against the clock. 

Set in classic Arcade style, challenge your friends or challenge yourself; can you beat your high score?

BoxRunner is a classic style arcade game that challenges you and your trusty robot 'Mr. Doo-Dad' against the clock. How many boxes can you and Mr. Doo-Dad open before Mr. Doo-Dad's battery runs out?

Each round provides hundreds of randomly placed boxes across a virtual world that you and Mr. Doo-Dad can race against time to get the highest score you can! With three different box sizes, each packed with different kinds of goodies, can you beat your last score?

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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About BoxRunner

The story behind Box Runner is a simple one; my kid was playing a rather violent game on the iPad one day and I asked him if there wasn’t anything better for him to play. Of course he answered no. So I decided to make a modernized arcade style game without violence. I am neither for or against violent games mind you, and I enjoy my fair share of games that contain violence.

So one Friday evening I decided I would challenge myself; could I:

> Make a game in a single weekend?
> Publish it by Monday morning? (In 60 hours.)
> And keep it "Non-Negative?”

Personally, the hardest part was thinking up game rules that were non-negative. How to play a game without violence or other negativity in the game. I was stranded in a hotel for the weekend, so I had the time.

By Monday morning I had a working game. It was rough and not very polished but it performed well and all the main features worked. I had just enough time left over to make a quick game trailer.

I forced myself to publish it as it was, all the while resisting the urge to “add one more thing”. I promised myself that I would polish it up a bit more and release that as version 1.1. I did manage to add all of the features I really wanted in version 1.1 later on. Now BoxRunner is looking at a possible verison 1.6; adding VR to the game. 

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In Engine game play screen shots.


Need help with BoxRunner?

If you have questions, Feature Requests or found a Glitch in the Matrix, report it on the BoxRunner Service Desk.