Suit up Gunner, combat begins now.

BattleRIGs is a multiplayer online combat game in development. 


In Development.

BattleRIGs is the first ChargedNeuron game to use the new NeuronNet Multiplayer/Networking API. 

NeuronNet is a custom built Networking and Multiplayer API. NeuronNet is designed specifically to provide multithreaded, high speed, and secure network functionallity between servers and clients. 

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BattleRIGs needs YOU!

You too can participate in BattleRIGs development. 

BattleRIGs is currently in alpha phase testing. Two seperate servers are hosting players to test the game systems as they are being developed. If these servers are online, you are welcome to participate in the alpha testing phase. All feedback is welcome.

Feel free to participate in the Game Development by visiting ChargedNeuron Labs or ChargedNeuron’s Discord.

BattleRIGs Server Status

  • - Amazon EC2 Server Alpha, Oregon USA
  • - Amazon EC2 Server Beta, Oregon USA
  • - ChargedNeuron Dev Server, Oregon USA