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The story behind Box Runner is a simple one; my kid was playing a rather violent game on the iPad one day and I asked him if there wasn’t anything better for him to play; of course he answered no. So I decided to make a modernized arcade style game without violence. I am neither for or against violent games mind you, and I enjoy my fair share of games that contain violence.

So one Friday evening I decided I would challenge myself; could I:

  • Make a game in a single weekend?
  • Publish it by Monday morning? (In 60 hours.)
  • And keep it Non-Negative?

Personally, the hardest part was thinking up game rules that were non-negative. How to play a game without violence or other negativity in the game.

I was stranded in a hotel for the weekend, so I had the time.

By Monday morning I had a working game. It was rough and not very polished but it performed well and all the main features worked. I had just enough time left over to make a quick game trailer.

I forced myself to publish it as it was, all the while resisting the urge to “add one more thing”. I promised myself that I would polish it up a bit more and release that as version 1.1. I did manage to add all of the features I really wanted in version 1.1 later on.

Game Concept

The idea of the game is simple, how many points can you get before time runs out? Mr. Doo-Dad is your trusty robot here to help! Run Mr. Doo-Dad into as many boxes as you can to collect their contents before time runs out. Don't bother stopping to collect the loot, Mr. Doo-Dad will pull it to himself magnetically.

Game Details

  • Coins are worth 10 points
  • Gems are worth 50 points
  • Time Extensions are worth 15 seconds

Game Controls

  • W, A, S, D Will controll Mr. Doo-Dad's movement.
  • Spacebar will make Mr. Doo-Dad jump.
  • Holding Left Mouse button will move the camera in 'Free-Look' mode.
  • Holding Right Mouse button will move the camera and Mr. Doo-Dad the direction the camera is looking.

Service Desk

If you need some help, have some feedback, or want to report a bug, head over to the Service Desk and log a request. 

Service Desk Box Runner

About this project

This project is targeted toward;

  • macOS 10.13 and up
  • Windows (64bit) Platforms

The Developer

John McElhaney

Lead Developer

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